‘Only new people, not politicians, will change our country’ – Vakarchuk

Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, lead vocalist of Okean Elzy (UNIAN photo)



Lead vocalist of Okean Elzy takes part in Atlantic Council panel discussion on fighting corruption in Ukraine 

Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, lead vocalist of Okean Elzy music group, former MP, civil society activist: "I am talking about mindset, which is much more fundamentally important. How to love your country, how to stand for it not only on Maidans, but every day – for 12 hours of your office work, every moment, to stand by on these things and to defend them. One needs to fight for his independence and his values not only on the real front, though it is also very important, but also to work on it day-by-day. Ukrainians lack not only confidence, they also lack patience, mutual trust. Only new people will change the country, not the politicians. The politicians, I think, the best job they can do is to make it happen."


"I think only bunch of people, society, magnificent seven, or better 70 or seven hundred, or fathers founders, name it as you like, only that kind of approach can change the country like Ukraine..."


"When you cross the American border you immediately see that this is the country of confident people, who can fight for themselves, who know how to defend their rights, who are ready to challenge the government. This is a different mindset."  


"America won't teach us to solve problems; we need Western perception of life, which Ukraine was deprived of because of historical, geopolitical reasons.  We still have this cultural and mind walls."

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