Okean Elzy has taken the Kremlin

The Ukrainian music band’s new program included the best hits of the rock band’s 16-year-long career

Recently, Okean Elzy presented its concert program in Moscow to a rapturous welcome from the Russian fans and music critics. Okeanelzy.com/uk website quotes a passage from an article in Moskovskiy Komsomolets newspaper: “Ukrainian band Okean Elzy is back in the first capital of Russia, nine months after its last concert. It must be said that this, so to say, ‘creative pregnancy’ period allowed these lads to not only create new songs, but to change their style almost beyond recognition, too. The musicians will enter the Kremlin scene on September 27, and for the first time they will be accompanied by a symphony orchestra that will cooperate with them in performing the best of the band’s songs that were created throughout its long career.”

Let’s look at a few impressions about the program that appeared on the Internet:

Svetlana Kurovskaya: “Guys, thanks for the amazing concert. I think that only you were able to get the Kremlin to dance merrily! Well done!!!”

invfamily: “The Kremlin has never seen such an event before! Miles-long queues to enter the hall! A complete sold-out! The entire hall was dancing! THANKS@ okeanelzy!!!”

Vita Ramm: “Just returned from a historic event. Slava Vakarchuk-led Okean Elzy was taking the Kremlin through 2 hours and 40 minutes of talent and integrity. And the attack succeeded, to the delight of all those who came to see their performance at the Kremlin Palace of Congresses. The grim aura of the hall, despite the friendly audience’s best efforts, was still resisting during the first hour of the concert, and the armchairs were less than helpful in maintaining the atmosphere of the event. But their sincerity and drive have transformed the Kremlin itself into a good rock ‘n’ roll ground.”

Mark: “One is under the concert’s impression for a week after it ended, it brings real will to live. Okean Elzy cheers people up a lot.”

The band has prepared a real gift for its supporters in the form of a rock performance with a symphony orchestra’s accompaniment. Kyivites will be able to watch this program at the Ukraine Palace on October 6 and 7. The concert’s feature is absence of special adaptations, contrary to the common practice of music community when creating such programs, The Day was told by the tour’s organizers. Okean Elzy will perform its best songs in the usual rock style of the band, the orchestra will play its parties, and all the musicians together will create a fantastic combination of high classical music and rock ‘n’ roll. The audience will be given an opportunity to listen to the live performance that will be as close to the studio version as possible, that is, close to the way the songs are sounding on the disks. The concert will include selected songs from all albums that were released by Okean Elzy.

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